Settling in to ELC

Term 1 is a time for settling in. The children develop their sense of security and confidence as they adjust to their group setting. As I visit each room in the ELC, I see educators and children building relationships of trust, security and respect.

The children are learning each other’s names and learning to interact with their peers. They are learning about the clear boundaries and routines in their group and the educators are getting to know each child and their individual needs, personalities and interests.

Outdoors in the ELC
In the ELC, educators plan and work together to create inviting environments which stimulate curiosity, engagement and learning. We value the outdoors as a space where we can provide high-quality learning experiences which:

  • develop reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving approaches in ‘real’ situations
  • encourage holistic development of children
  • develop resilience and adaptability in occasionally adverse circumstances
  • allow children to become more able to identify hazards and risks
  • develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and all that is living
  • develop an understanding of how we can look after our environment
  • develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem
  • develop collaborative-working and communication skills
  • provide positive health benefits – both physically and mentally – and assist gross and fine-motor development
  • develop a lifelong love of the outdoors.

Groups often begin outdoors where the noise level is less intrusive and space is plentiful. The children are learning about the location and availability of different equipment, how we care for it and where we pack it away.

This year Carey has a whole school focus on ‘Resilience’. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, challenge, tragedy, trauma or adversity. When children are resilient they are braver, more curious, more adaptable, and more able to extend their reach into the world. The great news is that resilience is something that can be nurtured in all children.

One way we can support resilience is to share with children ‘what went well’ at the end of the day. This helps them to develop a positive view of their day, rather than encouraging their natural tendency to focus on a relatively small negative experience.

Keep an eye on the main notice board in our ELC, where we will be sharing some ideas about how we can nurture resilience in all children.

Tuning in to Kids
Tuning in to Kids is a parenting program that aims to promote the development of emotional competence and prevent behaviour problems in young children. The program improves parents’ own emotional competence as well as teaching them the emotion coaching skills that help children learn to understand and regulate their emotions.

Please look out for more details including cost on Careylink and posters in the ELC and Junior School.

25 Years of ELC at Carey Kew
This year our ELC is celebrating 25 years of operation. We are planning a group project, involving all the ELC children, and a special morning tea in May.

We will provide more details soon.

Robyn Croucher
Acting Director of ELC Kew