The vital art of networking

It is often said, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Recent data collected through LinkedIn suggests around 85 per cent of jobs are filled through networking. When it comes to landing your next job, networking is therefore one of the most valuable activities you can do for your career.

Since networking is so critical to securing a job, being highly networked is essential for both the job seekers and for those seeking them. It starts by recognising there’s a back door to finding jobs in a hidden market.

The Old Carey Grammarian (OCG) community is made up of a rich and diverse community of professionals. Through the OCGA, we meet and talk to many of these individuals who proudly share their interesting careers and the journeys that took them to where they are now. These OCGs are often very enthusiastic about the value of networking and mentoring and many are willing to give their time to helping others.

We believe the Old Carey community could in fact be that back door for many of our younger OCGs who are looking for valuable connections for referrals, insights into job leads, work experience and other useful information.

In July, the OCGA hosted two career sessions focussing broadly on commerce and health. Over lunch, our young alumni had the chance to hear first-hand how a number of professional guests navigated their career paths. The intimate, round-table style meeting encouraged open discussion and provided a wonderful platform to establish connections and professional relationships. After the event, one young OCG commented that the luncheon was ‘really insightful, friendly and provided strong advice’, and others expressed that they were impressed by the variety of speakers and the wealth of knowledge on offer.

The OCGA are proud to be able to help support these connections and look forward to planning future networking events. 

If you are interested in attending events like these in the future or if you would like to offer your time to mentor the younger OCGs, please contact 

Katie Hunt
Alumni and Community Manager