Welcome to Term 2 at Junior School Kew!

Welcome to Term 2! We have commenced with our usual action-packed pace, with three parent information nights, ‘Maths in Action’ morning on Friday, a special ELC anniversary celebration of 25 years, a moving Anzac Assembly, Year 6 leadership conference at Donvale and Mothers Day Breakfast this morning.

It was wonderful to see so many parents enjoying maths games with their children on Friday at the ‘Maths in Action’ morning. I was particularly impressed with the number knowledge, especially in Year 1 and 2 at this relatively early stage of the year.

The information evenings included an Upper Primary reading session with a focus on comprehension and a THRASS (Teaching handwriting, reading and spelling skills) session. Both evenings provided parents with insight to what we do to support our students and hopefully gave parents some useful strategies to help their children as they develop into fluent readers and writers. The third information session was again an Upper Primary maths information session, where Jodi Haines, acting Maths Co-ordinator, went through the key focus teaching areas and strategies to support mathematical understanding. I would like to thank the staff who lead the sessions or participated for their time and effort with this important work.

During the holiday break I was lucky enough to go to the world EduLead Conference in Singapore. I heard some excellent world leaders in education and met many fellow heads from all over the world. The most gratifying experience was the affirmation I felt for our approach in supporting our students to be critical problem solvers and our explicit approach to developing the whole child using our Positive Learner Attributes. This was reinforced with our whole staff conference on the Positive Learner Attributes in the week prior to the start of Term 2. I can honestly say there are very few schools who are as advanced in their thinking and approach to explicitly supporting students with the development of Positive Learner attributes. We look forward to supporting our students in sharing some reflections on their growth in this area with you at our three-way interviews at the end of term.

There are many different ways we gather a picture of how our students are travelling and areas we may need to focus on. One way is regularly collecting what we call ‘student voice’. I meet with all the Year 6 students in groups of about 12 this term and next term. These meetings provide me with wonderful opportunity to get insight from the students in their final year at Junior School and is a good example of collecting student voice. I met with the first group of Year 6 students for lunch on Monday. Overwhelmingly, a highlight for them all is the sense of being known and part of a caring community. This was a joy to hear and a great way to start the week. 

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew