Belonging to a community

Feeling connected to a community provides us with a sense of belonging, helps us define who we are and supports our wellbeing. However, it is not as simple as just existing within a community. It requires active input to bring people together and strengthen bonds within a group. You get out what you put in, and this sort of active community engagement results in gratitude from others, in turn enhancing our sense of wellbeing and connectedness. In our Junior School Kew community, one such opportunity is our Welcome Carnival. It was wonderful to see the Junior School Parents Association and class representatives out in force: busy organising activities, welcoming parents and children and ensuring the Carnival on Friday 23 February ran smoothly and was a success. I sincerely thank them all for their hard work and I know it was a highlight for the many children who attended. 

Next week, we extend a warm welcome to the more senior members of our community – our special ‘Grandfriends’ – at Wednesday’s Grandfriends Day. We are all looking forward to opening up our classrooms, sharing an assembly with them and hearing stories from their time at school. We also open our school to the outside community on Thursday for our Junior School Open Morning, followed by House Swimming on Friday our House communities come alive as we enjoy supporting all our students with a ‘have a go’ attitude.

The children’s school community is built of different groups and members. This includes their classroom community, year level community, House community, school section community (Upper and Lower) and finally the whole Junior School community. Each of these communities brings something different to the student, with a particular lens through which they can reflect and build a sense of self. As they journey through the Junior School and beyond at Carey, we hope they build a great sense of belonging. When last year’s Year 12 students returned to the Junior School for a final farewell and tour at the end of last year, I was struck by how strong and apparent this feeling of belonging was for them. There was such happiness and camaraderie as they journeyed down memory lane, touring the corridors and classrooms of Junior School. They seemed ready for the next exciting stage of their lives and I was reassured that our Carey community has played a big role in preparing them to launch confidently towards their future paths.

Parent Teacher Information Exchanges
Thank you to the parents who made the time to meet with their child’s teacher and exchange information. Strong partnerships between the School and parents make the learning journey for our students much smoother, and research shows clearly that they enhance students’ growth. I am puzzled and disappointed when parents miss this opportunity and I encourage them to make contact with their child’s teacher.

Canvas tips for parents
We hope that you have logged in and are enjoying the Canvas experience. We have put together a couple of quick tips to help you set up your phone to receive Canvas notifications. If you have any issues regarding access to Canvas, please contact the ICT service desk.

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew