Staff farewells and Easter traditions

Staffing Update
At the end of this term, we farewell Judy Battle, Bernice Hammet and Anna Bennett, all from Learning Development.

Bernice has served the Junior School for 21 years as a classroom teacher and Learning Development teacher. I remember when I first arrived at Carey, Bernice would adorn her chalk board with an amazing picture. Each week we would wonder what the next one would be, feeling excited in our anticipation and also sad that the current artwork was going. She has made a difference to many children and we are grateful for her care and humour, not to mention her regular clean outs of the staff fridge.

Judy has been a reoccurring staff member to Learning Development since 1989. She has brought a wealth of experience to her role and made a significant difference to the students in her care and their teachers. I am delighted her smiling face will be seen again at Junior School in the role of a grandmother.

Anna is spreading her wings and sharing her expertise and care with Worawa Aboriginal College, a boarding school for middle school-aged girls in Healesville. We thank her for her support of the students in her care and will miss her good humour.

Mr Alby Ingles is taking well-deserved long service leave for the first four weeks of Term 2. He will be replaced by Andrew Nichol, who is very experienced having been Head of Sport at Scotch Junior School, and Head of Sport at Melbourne Girls Grammar School.

Mr Jon Parks is returning to work part-time next term, and will be supporting the APS, PE and gifted maths programs. Lisa Genovese will remain as the class teacher for 6P. 

Deputy Head of Junior School Kew – Student Wellbeing, Ben Dooley
It is with mixed emotions I announce that Ben Dooley will be leaving Carey at the end of Term 2 to take up the role as Head of Junior School, Wesley College, Glen Waverley Campus. I am delighted Ben is taking on this new role, which is a significant increase in responsibility for him. We will miss him at Carey, however he is ready and well prepared for the role. Ben commenced in 2003 and has been a classroom teacher, Acting Head of Arnold House and for the past 10 and half years Deputy Head of Junior School Kew – Student Wellbeing. He has made a very significant contribution to the Junior School over the past 16 years. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ben on his appointment as Head of Junior School, Wesley College, Glen Waverley and wish him all the very best for the future. We look forward to Ben continuing in his current role until the end of next term and we will notify you of our farewell arrangements for him when complete. 

Easter Rituals
Today I had the pleasure of sharing one of our family Easter traditions with the Year 3 students. Together we assembled what I call ‘little bird nests’ made from brown onion skins, lined with fine petals of Hydrangea flowers, parsley and fernlike leaves. The nest sits on a piece of stocking cut into a square and then a white duck egg is carefully placed on the bird nest. We then pull the stocking tightly around the egg and tie it off so the stocking has no flex in it. The eggs are then placed in dark green dye and boiled gently for 15 minutes. Removing them from the pan is the moment of magic. We carefully unwrap them and there are squeals of delight as the wonderful patterns are revealed.

I learnt this from a dear friend, who in turn was taught by a Ukrainian friend. I still have some my boys made many years ago. If they don’t crack, the egg dries up inside and they will last till they get broken! There have been times when three or four weeks later we wonder what the bad smell is and the culprit usually turns out to be one of the eggs with a fine crack. I wonder if you have any special Easter traditions that allow you to gather with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company? 

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew