ELC making connections in the Carey community

One of the great strengths of our school is the sense of community. For the ELC children this means there are many and varied opportunities for them to enjoy experiences beyond their classroom and within other areas of the school. For example, Oak and Bay Room are involved in an ongoing STEM program run by science teacher Baljit Marwa in the Middle School. This is a valuable opportunity to draw on the resources and knowledge of other educators within the School and enrich the education of our youngest students. Other experiences such as watching the Junior School children run their cross country race and seeing the Middle School students rehearse for their House Music performance provide enjoyment, enrichment and inspiration for the ELC children. They see these older students having a go at different challenges, working together and enjoying their time at school.

Recently a group of Year 11 Carey students came to visit the kindergarten rooms as part of their study of language acquisition. They recorded the language of young children to analyse later in class. The visitors sat down with the children and many of the 3 and 4-year-olds lapped up the attention, enjoying stories, chatting, ‘being silly’, responding to the older students’ questions and showing them their work. One of the visiting students summed up the visit as he left: ‘Thanks for having us. It was fun!’

It was delightful to see the positive interaction between the older students and the ELC children. It was also wonderful to witness the reciprocal experience for everyone involved. The Year 11 students learnt about the language development in young children, while the younger children are learning to make connections with others in the Carey community. 

Wonderful Mothers Day celebrations
Thank you to all the educators who put a great deal of time, work and thought into creating special evenings for the children and their mothers. There was a lovely atmosphere in each room as the children arrived, excited and eager to share this special time with their mums. 

Parent Teacher mid-year reviews
You will soon receive information about booking in for your child’s mid-year review. This is an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s educator to discuss their journey so far: their strengths, areas in which they may need support, any questions you may have and goals for the rest of the year.

Please ensure that you make arrangements to have your children looked after, as these interviews are for parents and teachers only. 

Cooler weather, warmer clothing
A reminder that you need to send your child to school with a jacket every day as the weather can change from mild to cool to cold quite quickly.
Also, please check that you have a change of clothing for your child in their bag every day. 

Robyn Croucher
Acting Director of ELC Kew