Storytelling in the early years

‘If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories. If you want them to be brilliant, tell them more stories.’ – Albert Einstein

During literature week, storyteller Anne Stewart visited the ELC to share a number of different stories. Using props and costumes, Anne told the story of Wincy Wincy Spider, The Great Big Enormous Carrot, Are You My Mother and Mook Mook the Owl.

The children were involved as they helped to act out the stories, practiced and repeated familiar phrases, copied actions and watched Anne as she engaged them with her voice.

The art of storytelling is sometimes forgotten in our modern world of technology. I have fond memories of listening to my grandparents and parents tell many stories: some dramatic, some bewildering, some sad and some very funny. These stories are not written down and there are no photos but the detail is in the telling. Memories are shared and passed on through generations. Sometimes the stories are exaggerated and altered over time which adds to the drama and fun of the whole experience.

Storytelling is valuable to children’s development and learning in many ways:

  • Children are introduced to extended vocabulary, like words and sayings that you hear from someone that you haven’t heard before.
  • Their listening skills are enhanced, as they look at the storyteller and focus on the words being spoken.
  • Their curiosity is stimulated as they are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Imaginations are developed as children visualise the events being spoken about and are inspired to create and tell their own stories.
  • History is shared and stories are created.
  • Thinking is provoked.
  • Emotions are shared.

Storytelling takes time. Maybe during the next school holidays we could take this time: slow down, sit with your family, and share some memories or just make up some stories.

It is very worthwhile.

Parent Library in the ELC
Please take the time to have a look through the books in our Parent Library which is located near the curtain entrance to Central Space. We have a range of books related to parenting and the early years.

Outdoor Play
A reminder that they children WILL play outside most days, unless there is heavy rain.
Please send your child with warm clothing each day so they can enjoy the outdoors. You can send gum boots and leave them in your child’s locker. 

Robyn Croucher
Acting Director of ELC Kew