ELC News

Parent Teacher Information Sharing
Thank you to the many parents who took the time to meet with their child’s teacher recently. These information sharing meetings are a valuable opportunity for educators to learn more about your child, your family and your expectations and to build positive relationships with families. 

Please feel that you can always approach me or the educators in your room with any questions, feedback or concerns you might have. Sometimes this means you will need to make a time to talk to the educators, rather than trying to have a discussion while they are greeting families or working with the children, but feel free to ask them and they will be happy to make a time to meet. 

Room Reflections
Each week, educators from the rooms write reflections about an aspect of education or a significant learning experience that has occurred in their group. These reflections are available for parents to read in hard copy, inside the room folder, or online through Careylink.

During the year educators will also be documenting the children’s learning which you will see around the room and in each child’s Learning Journal.

At Carey we are in the process of developing Canvas for the ELC which will provide an online source of communication for educators and families. We will provide more information about this in the coming months. 

Tuning in to Kids
Please note that the Tuning in to Kids program does NOT require both parents to attend, as was initially indicated on the poster. See posters on the door of each ELC Room for more details and contact me if you are interested in attending this parenting course.

ELSA Pilot – Oak and Bay room
This year the children in Oak and Bay rooms will be participating in the ELSA pilot, which we began last year. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to be involved in a range of learning experiences which focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) practices and concepts.

Each child MUST return their signed consent form before they can use the apps that have been specifically designed to support this program. We ask that parents in Oak and Bay room return their signed forms as soon as possible. Educators in these rooms have spare forms if needed.

Grandfriends Day
We look forward to welcoming Grandparents and Grandfriends to the ELC on Wednesday 27 and/or Thursday 28 March, from 10.00am–11.00am. Please check the notice on your child’s room door for more information. A list will be placed beside your group’s sign-in book, so you can indicate if your child’s grandfriends will be attending.

Developing Pencil Grip
When children first begin to draw using crayons, pencils or brushes, they use a dagger grasp, with a fist-like formation around the pencil. In a natural developmental sequence, they will hold the writing implement in a variety of grasps until they settle on a functional tripod grip for handwriting. Young children need the opportunity and encouragement to draw and write. Adults can model this by writing lists and signs and by providing an area in the home where pencils and paper are readily available.

The goal of a proper pencil grip is that it is stable and comfortable and is able to be moved with the smaller muscles of the fingers rather than the whole hand. This grip generally develops between the ages of four and six years. As the child develops more control over the pencil or crayon in his or her hand, the complexity of the drawing skills increase.

In the ELC we provide many and varied daily experiences in which the children are challenged to use their fine motor skills to manipulate different materials – such as clay and construction materials – and use different tools – such as tweezers, brushes, pencils, needles and scissors. These experiences help children to develop strength and control in their fine motor skills. 

Robyn Croucher
Acting Director of ELC Kew