Chaplain’s Corner – Junior School

What are you like with jigsaw puzzles? I’m not very patient with them, but I love the finished product. I usually start with the border – the pieces with the flat edges – and then move onto the pieces in the middle. I love the feeling of putting that final puzzle piece into place. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. After a lot of hard work to get all the pieces to fit perfectly, my picture looks just like the picture on the box. Over the summer holidays my family was working on a big jigsaw puzzle which we didn’t get time to complete before we came back to Melbourne, and I was really disappointed. Imagine my surprise when I returned to our beach shack for the long weekend recently to discover the completed jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table! It seems my son has more patience than I give him credit for!

When I think about our communities, be that our school, family, neighbourhood, church and more, I think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. The outside edges are our leaders – the people who have been chosen for the roles they can play, their different gifts and skills and their personalities. Just like jigsaw pieces are not all the same, these leaders are different too, but they provide a good border for the rest of us. But a jigsaw with just the border done is not complete. The puzzle isn’t finished until every single piece is in its right space. And if there is a piece missing – it is incomplete!

Just as the box picture is a plan for the puzzle, God has a beautiful plan for each of us and how we work together as a community. For His plan to be finished, each part must fit perfectly. None can be missing. Every person is designed to be a part of the whole picture. God gives each of us special gifts and roles in His big picture. Some people like to sing while others are good at teaching. There are people who are good at making food, and many love to invite others over to have fun. Some people organise events, while others take care of the sick. There are those who are great prayers and others are great players. It can be very frustrating if some talent is missing in a group or even if a person is trying to get put in a place where they do not fit. It feels right, when with each member of the team in the right place, we can accomplish God’s plan for our lives.

Together we make God’s beautiful plan for the future. Working together in a team is what it is all about.

Janine de Paiva
Junior School Chaplain