From the Head of Junior School

Selection of School Captains for 2017
On Monday, six students selected by staff and students as potential School Captains spoke at a special Assembly of Year 4 and 5 students. I want to sincerely congratulate the students – Charlie Doggett, Tom Woolhouse, William McCarthy, Grace Moore, Anadina Katsavos and Kate Carter – on their excellent presentations. Each student spoke about someone they admired and who had shown extraordinary courage. They also clarified what qualities they could bring to the leadership position of School Captain. They all spoke confidently and thoughtfully, and showed real potential as future leaders. It was a great validation of their nominations by their peers and staff, and their parents should be extremely proud of them. Each of the students was also interviewed following their speeches. I am pleased to announce that Tom Woolhouse and Anadina Katsavos have been selected as Junior School Captains for 2017.

I am pleased to announce the following appointments for 2017:

Petrea Harvey is replacing Mark English who is taking leave in 2017. Petrea has a good knowledge of the Junior School, having been one of our regular emergency teachers.

Jaci Newman is replacing Sarah McLean who has been on leave. Sarah is returning part-time to work in the Library and assist with the APS program.

Angela Straford is replacing Amy Lovell, who will be Acting Lower Primary Co-ordinator.

Sarah Tirtilas has been appointed to replace Anna Davidson, who is taking on the role of Library/eLearning Co-ordinator in 2017. Sarah is currently teaching at Greythorn Primary and is highly skilled, especially in eLearning.

Eleanor Burns, who assisted Mark English with the replacement of Amy Lovell in Year 1, will be our Graduate intern for 2017.

We are currently interviewing for David Tait’s replacement. Following interviewing for David’s position we will finalise where the year level teachers will be placed.

We celebrated 25 years’ service from two much loved Junior School staff members on Friday, Lee Taylor and Peter Mitchell. Both staff members have made excellent contributions to the Junior School and we look forward to their contribution continuing for many more years. It was a very positive way to end the week, especially after we had farewelled two much loved staff members, Teresa Neate and Nathan Jones at memorial services during the week.

Prep Assembly
We are all looking forward to the annual Prep Assembly tomorrow at 2.00pm in Metcalfe Hall. It is always a real celebration of the learning journey over the year.

Year 4 Centre up and running
The students and staff have settled in well to the new Year 4 Centre. The renovations will be beginning in Hickman next week. The building area will be kept discrete from the students and the day-to-day operation of the Junior School.

Year 6 and 5C Camp
The Year 6 students are excited about their visit to Canberra next week. They have an action-packed week planned which focusses on learning how our national capital and government works. The Year 5C students also head to Toonallook on Tuesday next week for their outdoor education camp. 

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew