From the Head of Junior School

On Tuesday evening we welcomed the many new parents who will begin their educational journey at Carey in 2019, as part of the ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ evening. I am sure many of you will remember the excitement and anticipation of your children starting at Carey, and the wonderful whirlwind of emotion this was. It seems like only yesterday I was ushering my own children off as they started in Prep with an oversized backpack and wide smiles, and now they are exploring the world on their own.

We take this opportunity to welcome our new parents and students to the School, and know that many of you will greet these new families with open arms and a generous smile as they commence in 2019. In this year of ‘connectedness’, should you happen to meet some of our new parents or students, take a moment to stop, say ‘hello’, introduce yourself and encourage them to reach out for support as they commence at the School.

On Monday this week the Year 5 children were presented with the start of their 2019 student leadership pathway. I spoke to the students about some of the qualities of leaders, and how they can rise to accept these formal positions of responsibility across the Junior School in 2019. Some of the qualities and attributes that were discussed included trust, reliability, honesty, self-confidence, the ability to think creatively and to listen, to speak up, to collaborate, and contribute to our school in a meaningful way.

These formal positions include Junior School Captains, House Captains and House Vice-Captains, Music Captains including Choir, Strings and Band, and SRC Captains. The Year 5 children and parents have been sent a nomination form, and will self-nominate for roles that they think are appropriate for them. As part of the Speaking and Listening component of English, the children will write a speech that they will then present to their class and their House as part of this process. Being  given a position of formal leadership, to be the person that others look up to, and experiencing the learning that comes with added responsibility is a privilege. All Year 6 students become leaders to the rest of Junior School in their final year, as the oldest students and with the examples they set to follow. We take this opportunity to wish all the students the very best as they undertake this important journey.

Staffing 2019
I am pleased to announce that Mrs Lee Taylor has been appointed as Acting Deputy Head of Curriculum, commencing 2019. Lee is a most professional and dedicated educator and brings a wealth of experience to the role. Her understanding of so many educational domains at Carey will see her approach the curriculum at Carey with a sense of perspective and opportunity for the future. Her knowledge of students and their families is another great asset as she supports both students and teachers being the best they can be. We thank Lee for accepting this role and look forward to her valued contributions.

Planning is well underway for the 2019 school year. One aspect of this planning is to allocate students to classes. In doing so, we consider two aspects: balanced class groupings and where we will place our classroom teachers.
The School has developed a very clear whole school policy on this process. The policy states: Carey is committed to attracting, professionally developing and rewarding the highest quality teaching staff. Carey is fortunate to have highly professional and committed teaching staff.

Carey is not able to accommodate requests for a particular teacher as there are a number of operational issues to consider such as subject blocking, timetabling and class composition. The teaching staff and School has considered very closely the allocation of students to classes considering the social, emotional, and academic interests of all students, gender mix, student relationships, class size and ability.

Taking this into consideration, if there is information you think is important to be known about your child in considering the class placement for 2019, please talk to your classroom teacher. However, please also feel confident that they have, along with the select co-ordinator, your child’s best interest for learning at the forefront when composing the classes.

The following staff will be teaching at the allocated year levels in 2019:
Prep – Chris Skinner, Petrea Gherardin, and Chris Pearce (Term 1) Rebecca Boon (Term 2 onwards)
Year 1 – Matt Lowe, Heidi Keily, and Danielle Poynton
Year 2 – Jaci Newman, Beverly Tooth, and Melvin Tan
Year 3 – Jacqui Beringer, Paula Waddell, and Em Guizzo
Yeah 4 – Sarah Tirtilas, Jacqui Douglas, and Jodi Haines/Eleanor Burns
Year 5 – Angela Straford, Dylan Benwell, Elise de Forest, and Simone Quodling
Year 6 – Stacey Dines, Lucas Fleming, Jon Parks, and Belinda Burr.

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School