From the Head of Junior School

Remembrance Day and special poppy installation
After many months of constructing ceramic poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day, we were excited to install them this week on the top bank of Cluny Green. The students and staff will assemble in front of the poppies following their section Assemblies at the conclusion of Friday for some reflection time led by the Chaplain, Janine de Paiva. The project has been a rich experience that allowed the students to reflect on the significance of the contribution of the many men and women who gave their lives in war. Thank you to Mikl Longstaff for co-ordinating the project, Mandi Thorpe-Artist in residence, Colleen Jarrett-Burke, Paula Young, our gardener Graham, and parents such as Jessica Lim who gave their time to assemble the poppies.

Selection of School Captains for 2018
On Monday last week, six students selected by staff and students as potential School Captains spoke at a special Assembly of Year 4 and 5 students. I want to sincerely congratulate the students – Matthew Treagus, Conor Boussioutas, Luca Bond, Melissa Nguyen, Sarah Poustie and Harriet Sutherland – on their excellent presentations. Each student spoke about three positive learner attributes they consider the most important in managing the role of Junior School Captain, and about someone they admired who had shown the attributes. They all spoke confidently and thoughtfully and showed real potential as future leaders. It was a great validation of their nominations by their peers and staff, and their parents should be extremely proud of them. Each student was also interviewed following their speech. I am pleased to announce that Conor Boussioutas and Harriet Sutherland have been selected as Junior School Captains for 2018.

Staffing and planning for 2018
I am pleased to announce Amy Lovell has been appointed Lower Primary Co-ordinator, Prep-Year 3, English Co-ordinator Prep – Year 6. Amy has been in an acting role this year from Term 1 to Term 3. She brings a depth of knowledge in both child development and wellbeing, as well as a passion for developing strong readers, writers and speakers. We look forward to Amy’s contribution to the Junior School in this important role.

Planning is well underway for the 2018 School year. One aspect of this planning is to allocate students to classes. In doing so, we consider two aspects: balanced class groupings and where we will place our classroom teachers.

The school has developed a very clear whole school policy on this process. The policy states:

Carey is committed to attracting, professionally developing and rewarding the highest quality teaching staff. Carey is fortunate to have a highly professional and committed teaching staff.

Carey is not able to accommodate requests for a particular teacher as there are a number of operational issues to consider such as subject blocking, timetabling and class composition. The teaching staff and School Heads consider very closely the allocation of students to classes, considering the social, emotional and academic interests of all students, gender mix, student relationships and class size and ability.

Taking this into consideration, if there is information you think is important to be known about your child in considering their class placement, please talk to their classroom teacher. However, please also feel confident that they have, along with the section co-ordinator, your child’s best interests for learning at the forefront when composing the classes.

The following staff will be teaching at the allocated year levels:

Prep – Chris Skinner, Jodi Haines, Petrea Gherardin

Year 1 – Tristen Haines, Heidi Keily, Danielle Poynton

Year 2 – Jaci Newman, Beverly Tooth, Simone Quodling

Year 3 – Jacqui Berringer, Paula Waddell, Em Guizzo

Year 4 – Matt Lowe, Sarah Tirtilas, Peter Mitchell and Eleanor Burns

Year 5 – Jacqui Douglas, Rebecca Boon, Angela Straford, Dylan Benwell

Year 6 – Elise deForest, Stacey Dines, Lucas Flemming, Jon Parks

Prep Assembly
Each year the Preps are centre stage at their special Assembly which was held last Friday. It is always a joy to watch their presentations that celebrate their learning over the year. Their confidence and enthusiasm for learning were very evident. My thanks to the Prep teachers and allied educators for their support of the children, and also to Colleen Jarrett-Burke, Ben Dooley and the Prep specialist teachers for their contributions to making the Assembly such a success.

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew