From the Head of Junior School

The Junior School was abuzz with excitement last Tuesday as the students engaged with the most amazing selection of authors during the Carey Celebrates Literature Festival. Wonderful children’s authors such as Valanga Khoza, Nicki Greenberg, Felice Arena, Bronwyn Bancroft, Tony Wilson, Nova Weetman and Mark Wilson explained how their ideas evolved into books and illustrations. Students lined up to get their books signed, and the authors were so impressed with the thoughtful questions they asked at the end of each session. Staff led rotation activities that were hands-on and engaged the students with different ways of creating to read and write. The day was co-ordinated by Anna Davidson, with the help of Amy Lovell and the Library team, Sarah McLean, Marg Thomas, Lyndel Croxford and Terrie Hodges. We thank them sincerely for their hard work.

I hope all mums enjoyed a special day on Sunday for Mothers Day, and particularly enjoyed the special handmade gifts from their children. These were made with love and it was a joy to hear some of the stories from the children in Art about how each child gave the gifts to their mum or special female in their life and what her reaction was. As we all know, giving is something that provides as much pleasure to the giver as it does to the receiver. Providing opportunities for our children to experience this and make a habit of it is a very worthwhile activity. Janine de Paiva reflected on this at the Lower Primary Assembly as I did in the Upper Primary Assembly last Friday. Over the years our mums give so much and shape who we are, often with us not fully realising just how much they have influenced us. Both of us emphasised with the children that every day needs to be a special day for our mums and to remember each day to share some form of thanks and gratitude with them. My sincere thanks to Mikl Longstaff and Loz Verde for their hard work in co-ordinating the gift making during Art classes.

The Year 6 Camp Program is well underway. Adventures, kayaking, group problem solving in outdoor activities, hiking on expedition, engaging with nature, and experiencing wonder and awe are all part of the day-to-day experience for the students. They are expertly led by the Outdoor Education staff, and supported pastorally by their classroom teacher and specialist staff.

Each week I enjoy my visits to the ELC and engaging with many of our future Prep children. Amy Lovell, Lower Primary Co-ordinator, and I are busy interviewing our Preps for 2019 as the first step in their orientation for starting School. We often have interesting conversations with parents about the complexity of parenting these days and, on that topic, I particularly enjoyed reading an article you can view here. I hope you do too. 

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew