From the Head of Junior School

Welcome to an action-packed Term 3. I have enjoyed hearing the holiday stories from children, both stay at home ones and travel adventures. It is always lovely to see and hear the excitement of the children as they exchange their news and bust into the corridors on the first day back after holidays. We warmly welcome Maggie Tsemtsidis to 1H, Ava Bohun in 5D this term, and Mr Jim Fountain to 5B.

I enjoyed some ‘slow down’ time at the farm and Lorne in the second week of the holidays, gardening, reading, going on long walks, and cooking. It was during this time that I actually stopped and watched the ABC news and a wonderful story about one of our very special students, Tom Strahan, who is currently in our ELC and is brother of Jack in Year 2. Tom has a very rare condition known as Batten disease, and is currently receiving treatment at the Royal Children’s Hospital once a fortnight. Tom’s parents, Anthony and Kate, agreed to doing the program to raise awareness of this rare condition, and to support the availability of the life changing medication. You can read about Tom’s story here, and you can also watch a short video here.

At the beginning of our staff day on Monday, as always the School Chaplains held a service. This term’s message centred around the story of David and Goliath, the well-known Old Testament story of courage against the odds. Gerry, Janine and Scott spoke about the dark giants we have in our life that can take different forms for different people. How for some people they come and go, and for others they never go, and there often seems there is no sense of fairness or reason in this. It is easy to despair in this situation, though the need for us to keep going and find hope or some form of good despite this is important in coping. The Strahan family’s story is a wonderful example of this. God bless Tom, Anthony, Kate and Jack.

Thank you to those parents who have notified the School of any change of contact details, addresses or Anaphylaxis and Asthma management plan updates. Can I please ask parents who have changes and still have not notified the School to do so as soon as possible.

Year 5 is gearing up for their commerce unit on markets. They will be up cycling recycled materials to make products for their market and they would be very grateful for any donations of recycled materials, such as old toys and household recycling items. Specific items will be published in the next newsletter. There will be recycle bins labelled at Reception for your unwanted goods.

The JSPA ‘Night at the Forum’ tickets are still available to purchase from TryBooking. Bookings close tomorrow (Friday 20 July). Come along and enjoy a fun social evening of connecting in this amazing venue.

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew