From the Head of Junior School

I wish you a very warm welcome back to the 2019 school year, both literally and metaphorically! We have had a smooth start and although the weather is warm, the splendid airconditioned learning spaces are very pleasant to be in.

We also welcome back Tim Barker from Long Service Leave, and the following new staff:

  • Sally Dymond – Allied Educator Prep S
  • Rebecca Lucas – Teacher Librarian
  • Melvin Tan – 2Tan Classroom Teacher
  • Alex Maxwell – Graduate Intern Teacher
  • Christine Gilliland – Learning Development Teacher
  • Amelia Lee – ELC Educator, working in the Bay room and Oak room
  • Antonella Aloisio – ELC Educator in the three-year-old room and Co-Educator in the Bay room.

On the first day for students I had a wonderful time going from class to class, meeting parents and welcoming everyone to the start of the year. The Preps settled exceptionally well, with only one student showing a hint of a tear which disappeared very quickly. The Year 5 and 6 students did an amazing job at Bulleen for their first APS session, despite the heat. I was very impressed with the gymnastics group that showed impressive flexibility and strength despite the warm conditions.

Our whole-school Carey Positive Learner Attribute this year is ‘Resilience’, and I must say the performance of the Year 5 and 6 students on Wednesday at APS in the hot weather made me reflect on how so many of them show this attribute impressively. There are so many aspects to what makes us resilient, and we will enjoy sharing with you over the year how these may look at different ages and stages and the support you can offer your child at home.

I am looking forward to welcoming parents to the Meet the Teacher Night on Tuesday 12 February in MGH at 7.00pm. This evening is really important for setting up the year successfully and understanding the classroom teachers’ expectations of your child. We will explain our new Learning Management System, Canvas, to parents, which will be an important source of information about your child’s classroom organisation and learning. I will also outline two trials we will be commencing in 2019.

The Commencement Service will be held on Thursday 14 February at 7.00pm at St Paul’s Cathedral. It is always an uplifting whole-school celebration. All Year 6 student leaders are expected to attend in full summer school uniform.

Below are some important reminders and I thank you in anticipation of your of support of them.

Nut-minimised school
A reminder to all parents and students that Carey Junior School is a nut-minimised school. Please take a moment to check the food that is coming from home to school is NUT FREE. Some muesli bars will contain nuts, so please check these carefully. If your child does accidentally bring a nut product, this will be removed. We aim to be a ‘nude food’ school and encourage our students to use nude food containers to minimise waste.

Turn Around Drop-off and Pick-up zone
A reminder to all parents that we really require your ongoing support in ensuring our carparks are used in a safe and positive manner. Please slow down, put the phone down and drive safely around our small children. The drop-off/pick-up carpark on Sackville Street services a large student cohort and works well as long as parents follow the cues from the security staff member and staff on duty. Please do not park in the drop-off zone between 8.00–9.00am and 2.00–4.00pm.

Hat policy for children
Our hat policy of ‘No Hat, No Play’ is strictly reinforced in the Sun Smart seasons of summer and spring. Please remind your children to check for their named school hat in the morning before leaving home. If children do not have their hat they are to sit under the shade during recess and lunch periods.

If your child requires medication during the school year, this must now be administered through our School Nurse. There is a medical authorisation document that must be completed by an adult and signed to authorise the medication being dispensed to your child at School. Copies are available at reception and also on CareyLink. Children who require Ventolin will have this medication in their classrooms at all times. 

Libby Russell
Head of Junior School Kew