Philanthropy is the planned and structured giving of time, information, goods, services, voice and influence, as well as money, to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community. These are things we do, and have always done, at Carey.

A spirit of giving runs through the history of our school. Not only do members of the Carey community contribute their time and energy to important causes in the wider community, it is only with the active support of our students, staff, alumni and Carey families that the School maintains its reputation for excellence in co-education.

The implementation of these plans is essential if Carey is to maintain its focus on the things that matter most: student-centred learning and personal wellbeing, quality staff, inspirational facilities, and social, environmental and financial sustainability.

To assist the Principal and the Board to realise the exciting plans outlined in Carey’s Future: Strategic Directions Towards Our Centenary 2023 at a pace not otherwise possible, we seek the generous financial philanthropic support of our community. Your participation, within your means, is keenly sought and will be highly valued.

Philanthropic support is also sought to ensure that students who might not otherwise be able to attend Carey can do so through the provision of scholarships and means-tested bursaries.

Individuals who generously choose to invest in the School 'at whatever level' play a vital part in helping to foster and expand a growing culture of philanthropy at Carey. At the conclusion of each year a list of those who have directed funds to the School will be published as recognition of our gratitude for their support – with no mention of amounts, and only with donors' approval. We will also ensure that donors are kept informed with regular progress reports on improvements made possible by way of their generous support.

Please contact Community Engagement with any questions regarding philanthropic support for Carey, how best to direct your donation to a particular campus or aspect of school life, issues of tax deductibility or the planning of a testamentary gift. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and look forward to your support as we strive to see Carey’s future realised.

Carey’s Future is innovative, ambitious and bold. We look forward to your support and contribution towards seeing Carey’s Future realised.
Jane Simon, Chair, Carey Board. Philip Grutzner, Principal.