25 Years of ELC at Carey Kew

Last Friday the sun was shining upon us, as children, educators and guests gathered on our beautiful decking area in the ELC. As guests arrived, the children found a place at their tables, adorned with the tablecloths they had decorated and the nature table pieces they had created.

This was a special gathering to celebrate 25 years of ELC at Carey Baptist Grammar School Kew.

Wendy Seidler joined us to share the story of how the ELC began. Our guests also included Ross Millikan, who was the Carey Principal at the time, and Jan Sparkes, who was the Head of Junior School in 1994.

Over the years the ELC has relied on support from many other people throughout the school community and it is for that reason that we invited these people to this special morning tea. We wanted to thank them for their work and support and to look ahead to working together in the future. We will strengthen our sense of community and quality of education and care we provide.

During Term 1 the children from the ELC worked with Art Mikl to create a wonderful mural of a tree, which is now proudly on display in this decking area. This whole area now epitomises the combination of natural living trees and representations of these amazing plants, symbolising growth and connection: two of the essential ingredients of our ELC.

Later in the year we hope to offer tea towels which the children will decorate with their drawings. These will be sold to commemorate 25 years of the ELC at Carey Kew. 

Positive Learning Attributes
Staff attended the inspiring three-day Carey Collective conference during the week before Term 2.

We were challenged to work together and share ideas about different way to teach the Carey Positive Learning Attributes: Courage, Resilience, Knowledge, Imagination, Reflection, Curiosity, Communication, Connectedness and Collaboration.

In the ELC, educators will be thinking about how we can communicate to parents about these attributes and integrate them into our documentation and planning. 

Mothers Evening
Our Mothers Evenings are a special occasion for children to bring their mum to their classrooms. Together they will have an opportunity to play in the room and participate in some special experiences organised by the educators. The children have been thoughtfully creating gifts and sharing their thoughts and experiences about their mums.

Please do not bring along other siblings to this evening, as it is a special event just for the ELC children and their mums

In our Staff Childcare Room we are offering an afternoon and morning tea time for mums to come and spend some time with their children. 

If you would like you child photographed by our visiting photographer next week please make sure that you have completed registration by Thursday 9 May at 4.00pm. For more details, see the notice on your child’s room door. If you have any questions please see Alex or me. 

Robyn Croucher
Acting Director of ELC Kew