From the Deputy Head of Junior School

House Cross Country
Last week saw all of our Junior School children running, huffing and puffing their way around the various cross country courses at Bulleen and Kew. We were blessed with a clear sky and warm conditions that held the rain away. After a day of hard running it was Burnet House that was the winner of the day, and they celebrated with a collective team cheer.

At the very start of the day, Mr Alby Ingles spoke at length about how the day was going to be difficult for some, a physical and mental challenge, and that it would require a level of grit and determination to compete against each other, and importantly to try and complete the event. This message is a strong one and aligns with the attributes of a positive learner at Carey, in which we strive to create situations and learning opportunities for the children which require a shift from being comfortable, towards being uncertain, unsure and not in full control of their learning direction. It is the learning that occurs in events such as these that is the testament to the fact that almost every single child in our school was able to complete the races.

To the many parents who attended, our thanks and gratitude for your support and cheering on the sidelines as you openly clapped and shouted positive comments to all of the children as they ran. To the staff, well done for your support of the children all day, and for undertaking so many roles across the different races. We thank Mrs Jackson and Mr Ingles as they created a day of challenge and success for the children; their work is genuinely appreciated by all. And finally to the children in all levels, and in all Houses across our school – your determination, effort, grit and positive approach was wonderful and made the day such a colourful memory.

We take this opportunity to say well done and congratulations to some of the children who will now move to the Zone Cross Country representing Carey for the season ahead.

Band Incursion
You may have heard some wonderful tooting and blowing coming from the Junior School this past week as Mr Barker arranged to have a guest conductor Dr Rob McWilliams work with the Los Bandidos children. Part of their development comes in working intensively and being positively critiqued about the way they are playing music and interpreting the music notes from the page. Mr Barker was impressed with the growth and change that has been seen in this group, and I am sure we will be able to hear for ourselves soon. Mr Barker suggests that parents should continue to take an interest in what the children are playing and learning, and encourage their musical growth and development. And importantly, Mr Barker encourages all parents to stay in touch and communicate directly with the instrumental teachers as this will continue to support their child.

Reading Comprehension Evening
As a child I was always fascinated by the clever use of words that an author would choose to create such magical suspense, action or mystery. On Tuesday evening, a dedicated and highly interested group of parents attended the Year 3 to 6 Reading Comprehension Evening where they were able to find out just how comprehension works for our children. This style of adult learning gives parents an insight as to the strategies to encourage meaningful engagement with a range of literature for their children and, to those attending, I am sure they have been gifted some clever strategies to try with their children when sharing a book at home.

Do not forget to engage with the expert staff around the school who can help you to support your child on their literacy journey, drop in to the Library one day and find an amazing book to share together as a family.

Ben Dooley
Deputy Head – Student Welfare