From the Deputy Head of Junior School

House Athletics Carnival – Bravo!
It is no mean feat to co-ordinate an athletics carnival in which over 500 children have the opportunity to participate in running events, novelty events, relays and the like. The students of Barton House were the victors last Friday at our annual House Athletics Carnival held at our pristine Carey Sports Complex in Bulleen.

The weather was glorious and the day ran without a hitch. Many parents and extended family members watched their children shine in this event. As a staff we reflected on those students who went out of their way to support each other at the finishing line and cheer on their younger buddies. It was a great community day and we congratulate the parents who won the Parent, Staff and Student Novelty event – just pipping the teachers on the finishing line. Notable thanks go to Alby Ingles and Cath Jackson who organised the day and ran it so well, making it memorable for all.

Our staff have been very busy lately finalising their Semester 2 reports. The teachers use a number of assessment items to help them summatively report on your child. We use a range of tests that are standardised, year level assessments, and class assessments designed by the teacher. Many of these assessments might be in your child’s portfolio which comes home on Monday 5 December. Your child will also bring home their Semester 2 report sealed in an envelope marked to your attention on this same day. If a student is absent we will post the report. The teachers will be at school until Wednesday 14 December, which gives you plenty of time to see the teacher should you have a query.

Chinese Intern 2017 – Needing Homestay accommodation
A couple of weeks ago, Douglas Mann from Year 6 spoke at our Assembly about the many benefits of having a Chinese intern stay with his family whilst the intern lives in Melbourne for the year. Douglas commented that his Chinese speaking has improved expeditiously, and he and his family have loved the cultural exchange that naturally occurs, including the delicious exchange of cooking.

We are hoping that we can continue to provide accommodation for a Chinese intern to stay with a Carey family and come to our Junior School each day to work with the staff and students. The family who agrees to having an intern must provide accommodation and meals. The family is given an allowance by the School. If you are interested in having an intern from China live with you and your family for the year or part thereof in 2017, please contact Karen Ferraro.

New Preps – 2017
I love showing off our School to new parents, and Libby Russell and I were able to do that on Monday. We have a number of new Prep children starting next year who do not attend our ELC. The children had an orientation session in the Library with Colleen Jarrett-Burke and a number of other staff. Libby and I took the new parents on a tour of the School. We showed off our beautiful new Centre for Learning and Innovation, and other key areas of the school – like the J.O.T Quadrangle area, Carey Canteen, Sick Bay, DYPAC, MGH, and the Accounts Office. We certainly use a lot of acronyms at our School, so getting to know these spaces and what they are used for is important for new parents soon to join our community. The parents were suitably impressed with our great School and its many facilities. 

Class Placements
The teachers have begun the process of class placements and working out the best combination of classes for 2017. Teachers consider first the learning needs of each student and where the child is best placed. Teachers work hard to get the right combination of abilities and personalities in each class so that the classroom is balanced. Friendship groups are considered but are not a first priority for placement. Parents cannot request certain teachers, however if you have concerns that you wish to be considered, please ensure you inform your child’s teacher. We cannot guarantee to meet parent requests, as it would seriously compromise the optimal learning environment for all children.

Louise Sayar
Deputy Head – Student Learning