From the Deputy Head of Junior School

Reverse Advent Calendar
Ho ho ho, how many sleeps until Christmas? Well, this Christmas Janine de Paiva, Junior School Chaplain, is running a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ in the Junior School. That’s right, the idea is to give to others in need this festive season. It is a really simple and meaningful way to make a big difference to the lives of others by dropping off a non-perishable food item to go to the Camberwell Salvation Army. This food will help to ease the burden that some families feel at this time of the year. So, in anticipation, we thank you all for getting behind this wonderful, simple and meaningful effort. Please see Janine de Paiva for more information.

Maths Olympiad
No need for an abacus or calculator with these Mathematical whiz kids around. This year we have had many students engaged in Maths extension activities across the Junior School, and some have continued to work with Mr Nguyen. Recently we were able to celebrate the many wonderful results that the boys and girls achieved this year. Congratulations to all of the students who were recognised at Assembly last week. Here are a few highlights worthy of note:

  • Ambrose Glaspole: Maths Olympiad – perfect score (25/25), one of only 320 children to score this result in more than 30,000 students nationwide
  • Lachie Joughin: Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians – awarded Credit for his submissions
  • Also, 93% of our students finished in the top 50% of the Maths Olympiad, with four students finishing in top 10%.

Congratulations students, and we’ll look forward to more promising mathematicians demonstrating their skills next year!

End of year gifts
The end of year is a wonderful time of celebration and gratitude, and often parents ask about the appropriateness of gifts for other students, buddies, and even staff. Our simple answer is that preparing a heartfelt card is a gift enough, where your child can take time to think about the meaning of some well-chosen words to express how they feel. We would like to remind parents that we have many students who have serious food allergies and, therefore, we would ask that gifts of food and lollies are not given out at school to children. While this may sound a little ‘Scrooge’ like, however, we are sure you would agree that the safety of our children is always our priority.

Sunglasses at school
With the return of the blazing sun in our bright blue sky, we have had discussions with parents about our children wearing sunglasses at school, and if this is an appropriate thing to do at recess, lunchtime and in Physical Education classes. Well, the official school line is yes! Before you rush out and purchase the latest Ray Bans or Bolle glasses, we ask you to think carefully about the potential for these glasses to be damaged in the rough and tumble of daily life, so spending a lot of money on expensive glasses may be something you’ll want to consider and to discuss with your child. The Physical Education staff will also assist in knowing when it is appropriate for this type of eyewear to be worn in classes. As with our many other belongings, can they please be named and easily identified. There are many available models and styles, and we recommend that you refer to the Sun Smart information here.

Campion online bookings – 2017 Booklists for Years 3–6 students
If your child is in Years 3 to 6 next year you need to order their booklist items online now through our supplier Campion Education. The Campion website has been updated and allows families to set up an account. Once on the site, click ‘For Parents Order Online’ to create your account. The account allows each family to enter orders for all of their children, only needing to put their personal details in once. You can track and modify orders, get your digital access codes re-sent, and keep track of backorders. The password all families need is: JAQ5. If you have any queries about the booklists, please contact Louise Sayar via email or phone 9816 1463.

PMP celebration
Last week the Prep children celebrated their year in Physical Education with a special PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) Afternoon. PMP is a strategy to assist in the development of children’s gross motor skills, and therefore assist with the development of fine motor skills – essential in the learning of reading and writing. This was a fine example of growth and development, where the many parents in attendance were entertained by the developing skills and strengths that the children were able to demonstrate. Mrs Jackson would like to take this opportunity to express her thanks and appreciation to the many parents who volunteered this year to make these sessions so much more meaningful.

iPad letters and agreements for students in Years Prep-6 2017
Earlier this week your child would have brought home an envelope containing information about the iPad program for next year. Contained within the envelope is a double-sided sheet which has information for parents, as well as a Responsible Use Agreement for parents and students to sign. We ask you to read the Responsible Use Agreement with your child and have them sign it. Each child has their own form to be signed. These agreements must be signed and returned as soon as possible in order for your child to be issued an iPad for 2017. Thank you for your assistance in returning these forms to your child’s class teacher or Junior School Reception. If a student is absent this week, or is from a separated family, their envelopes will be posted.

Returning Library Books for End of Year
As we reach the end of the school year, we ask that students please start to return their library books in order to prepare the library for next year. We are letting students know during their library sessions that this week will be the last chance to borrow for 2016. If your child still has books out next week, we will send home a reminder notice for you to return the books ASAP. Unfortunately, any outstanding books not returned by Tuesday 6 December will be charged to your next account. Books from the Parent Library will also need to be returned by end of term please.

Make sure you thoroughly search your home – on bookshelves, under beds, etc. – as our library books have been found in some odd places in the past! We appreciate your assistance in returning all books by next week, in order for library staff to ready our shared space for next year’s Carey community. If you have any questions, feel free to email or come and see Amy Brown and Marg Thomas in the Evans Library.

Ben Dooley
Deputy Head – Student Welfare