From the Deputy Head of Junior School

Mr Tristen Haines, our much loved Year 1 classroom teacher and Head of Burrows House, has resigned from Carey effective at the end of this year. He has accepted a position as a Classroom Teacher at Camberwell Grammar.

Tristen has worked at Carey for 15 years and has had a variety of roles during this time. He has taught Years 1, 2 and 4, was an excellent eLearning Co-ordinator and Year 3–4 Co-ordinator, and recently took on an additional pastoral role as a Head of House. Tristen is an outstanding educator. His style with the children is consistent as he is able to be firm but friendly. He is innovative and has always tried to embrace new technologies and approaches to learning. Tristen ensures that the children are engaged and the classroom learning is relevant and differentiated. We know how lucky we are to have had his exemplary service and commitment as an educator and member of staff over the years, and we know he will make his mark on Camberwell Grammar like he has here. We still have a term left to enjoy our time with Tristen and we will suitably farewell him at the end of the year. 

Digital Life @ Carey
How much is too much? How long should I give them? They won’t get off when asked to! I am not sure if what they’re doing is homework or if my child is mucking about?

I am often asked by parents for advice on how to help them keep a handle on their child’s social media use or about the way in which their child is using their device.
A few years ago we created the Digital Life @ Carey resource for exclusive use for the Carey community under the guidance of Robyn Treyvaud, a renowned expert in online safety and digital citizenship. All you need to do is download this to your iPhone, iPad (the preferred way) or computer. Topics covered within this resource are: Internet safety, Privacy and Security, Relationships and Communication, Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint and Reputation, Self-image and Identity, and Piracy and Copyright. It is probably the most underused resource by our community on CareyLink and the content is applicable for Prep–Year 12 parents. Some of the information contained within the resource you might need now; other information will be more pertinent when your child enters the Middle or Senior School. There are PDF documents you can download and read and there are hyperlinks to some of the best online material/information you need to know as parents. There is no excuse for parents not taking charge and understanding what their child could be encountering or engaging with online. If you take the necessary precautions then your child can have a productive experience using your home devices, under your supervision. Note, I used the words ‘your supervision’. If I am asked for advice, I always strongly suggest you have a filter on your internet at home in order to create a safe environment for your child to surf the web. Your child is protected; shielded from harmful content and you can also restrict the content your child is able to access. You must always check in with your child and have them using the net within eye and earshot.

The bottom line is that parents need to take charge. You should have total control over how much time your child is on particular devices, where those devices are kept whilst your child is asleep and the type of social media (if any) your child is using. When I was pestered by my daughter when she was 12 years and 364 days old to join Facebook (which was popular then) I would not let her as she was not technically 13. I made her wait the extra day. Once she got onto social media she remarked that it was not that exciting, and there was no need to not let her get onto the platform before the appropriate age. I explained that there is an age limit for a reason. I also told her to only believe half of what her friends used to tell her about what they were supposedly allowed to do at their house and I always stuck to the adage of: ‘well – this is our house and these are the rules!’

I may sound like a mean and nasty parent but in reality I am not. I have always ‘kept close’ to my children, stuck to the rules, put restrictions on when I felt I needed to and loosened up when I knew it was safe and harmless to do so. I certainly wish I had the Digital Life @ Carey resource back then to refer to. Within this resource, the Common Sense media website is referenced. This website rates films, movies, apps and gives parents much-needed information or ammunition when responding to very persuasive arguments by your child, and it is a godsend. I urge you to look at our Digital Life @ Carey resource and become better informed about how you can keep your child safe online. It is best viewed through a smart phone or tablet. Let me know your thoughts on this resource.

Robinson River Visit
By the time this newsletter hits your inbox, our friends from Robinson River in the Northern Territory will have arrived for their week-long stay at Carey. For many of these Indigenous children, their trip to Melbourne is a ‘first’; it is their first time out of their community, their first time on an aeroplane, or their first trip to a major city. One can only imagine how much of a culture shock it would be for these children. However, after their arrival and a much-needed sleep all that apprehension subsides and the children play on Cluny Green, kick the football and enjoy the space close to the Cluny Cottage where they reside for the week. You will also notice some Carey Year 9 children in the Junior School playground over the next week. Along with our Year 6 students, they are excited to rekindle their friendships with the ‘Rob Mob’ – as they are affectionately known – and show them around the School. During the week, the Rob Mob will visit the Eureka Tower, the Zoo and the MCG. The Carey students who visited them in Robinson River in June will host them at a Welcome Barbeque. As a school, we look forward to our official Welcome to Country ceremony to honour the presence of our northern friends and their teachers. If you see any of these students around Carey, please say hello – they are so friendly! 

Louise Sayar
Deputy Head – Student Learning