From the Acting Head of Junior School

Welcome to the 2017 school year! On behalf of all Junior School staff, I would like to say a heartfelt ‘Carey welcome’ to our new students, parents and staff. As you start this school year, please take time to stop and reflect, to celebrate and enjoy these moments before they pass you by.

I can remember, and many of you will too, the excitement we felt, the smell of the classroom, the laughter that comes with friendship and the thrill of achievement at school. There is a lot of research to indicate that the strongest memories we forge are in fact the ones we experience first-hand, without filming it on our camera: the message is clear that those with their eyes open, also open their hearts and will savour their memories forever.

The Junior School newsletter at Carey operates to keep you informed about events and to provide information about our School, and will be sent out fortnightly. Many parents use the newsletter to double check and to plan important information in the lives of their children, so why not establish a new habit and make time to check in so that you don’t miss out.

Junior School Assembly
Every two weeks our school gathers together for our Whole School Assembly on Friday afternoon, from 2.30–3.10pm in Metcalfe Hall. This celebration assembly is always an opportunity for the children and staff to look closely at the wonderful work of the school, to share in some talented music performances, hear from guest speakers, and to look forward to exciting plans for the coming weeks. Parents are always welcome to attend and to support their children. We look forward to you attending this assemblies year where possible.

Chinese New Year Celebration
Carey students are very fortunate indeed to be able to study Chinese and to celebrate all that comes with learning this fascinating language. To further support the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster, the children are invited to order a special canteen lunch for Thursday 9 February. The menu is fried rice (no egg), a chicken dim sim and a red icypole. Orders need to be completed by this Tuesday 7 February.  Please place your special lunch order, with $7.50, in your classroom lunch tub no later than Tuesday.

The canteen also makes available an excellent menu for the children of the Junior School. Please make sure that you are familiar with the menu when placing an order for your child.

Some operational information
The commencement of the new year is also an opportunity for a few reminders that will assist us all in supporting the children in their learning journey, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with some simple pointers:

  • The entry bell in the morning is at 8.15am. Please remain outside of the building until that time as staff are finalising the organisation for the day ahead. There is a teacher on yard duty from 8.00am in front of the Hickman building. At 8.15am when the bell sounds, children and parents are welcome to enter the buildings. This is the ideal time for the children to attend to their school diary, lunch orders, personal reading books, information for the teachers, etc.
  • The end of day bell sounds at 3.15pm. Often parents like to gather together for social conversations and to catch up with friends. Whilst we value this valuable relationship building, please be very mindful of the noise that is made inside the school corridors, as it does impact upon the classroom focus for the children and staff.
  • Absentee line – when your child is absent from school, please call Junior School Reception on 9816 1381 and leave a detailed message including your name, child’s name and class and the reason for being absent.
  • Afterschool Care – is supported and managed by OSHClub. To enrol, visit the OSHClub website. If you have any problems, please call their accounts department at OSHClub head office for assistance on 03 8564 9026. You can also call them for any other enquiries on 0423 777 331.
  • Drop Off – Turning Circle Car Park. This area has a staff member on duty from 8.00–8.30am each morning and from 3.15–3.45pm each afternoon to ensure that your children remain safe. Our continued thanks to the many parents who respectfully use the car park to drop off and to collect their children. Please make sure that you are modelling appropriate safe driving practices when in and around the Junior School.
  • Nut Minimised school – we have many children who are anaphylactic to nuts. This clearly is an aspect of child safety that we take seriously, and we ask for your support in ensuring that morning fruit snack, recess food and daily lunches are all nut free.
  • Medication and your child – if your child’s medical status changed over the Christmas holiday break, please see one of the staff to ensure that we have updated their personal information on the school network to ensure that we can respond appropriately in case of an emergency. Examples may include broken limbs, asthma diagnosis, food allergy, time in hospital, etc.
  • Hats and sunglasses – a reminder that ALL children need to wear a hat when they are outside for recess, lunch and in most Physical Education lessons. Children are also encouraged to wear sunglasses if they would like to minimise the exposure to UV during these times. Please see your classroom teacher for more information if required.

Changes to our buildings and grounds
Those of you with an eagle eye would have noticed many new changes in and around the Junior School that are all designed to maximise our learning opportunity for the children and to ensure their ongoing safety. There are new handrails on our stairways and walkways, additional playgrounds under construction, and the refurbishment of the Upper Hickman Building as part of the Year 5 and 6 area. Feel free to have a walk-through of these areas and see how the children are interacting with these amazing facilities.

Important dates for your month ahead

Thursday 2 February – iPad Compulsory Information Session for Year 5 and new Year 6 students and parents (6.30pm in Metcalfe Hall)

Tuesday 7 February – JSPA Committee Meeting in JSK Staffroom at 7.00pm

Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February – Year 6 Leadership Conference with Donvale students in Metcalfe Hall

Thursday 9 February – Whole School Commencement Service at St Paul’s Cathedral from 7.00pm

Friday 10 February – School Photographs – Metcalfe Hall 8.30am

Tuesday 14 February – Meet the Teacher evening – 7.00pm MGH and JSK Classrooms

Friday 17 February – JSPA Class Reps Morning Tea – 8.30am in the Cabinet Room

Friday 17 February – JSPA Welcome Carnival Cluny Green from 5.00–7.30pm

Tuesday 21 February – How to help your child develop as a reader – Prep to Year 2 parents – 7.00–8.30pm Library.

Ben Dooley
Acting Head of Junior School