From the Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

The incredible healing powers of singing
While the feel-good effects of singing have long been recognised, there is growing evidence to suggest that singing in a choir can have a positive impact on a range of physical and psychological conditions. Some studies claim that singing in a choir not only increases oxygen levels in the blood, it also triggers the release of ‘happy’ hormones such as oxytocin, which is thought to help lower stress levels and blood pressure. Another by-product of being a chorister is the notion that it enhances a sense of belonging, which directly impacts on overall wellbeing. You only have to watch the synchronised movements and swaying of the Piccolo Canto choir, and listen to the joy and pride in the voices of the Bumble Bee and Bel Canto choirs to fully appreciate the positive emotions that singing can produce.

Last Friday, the Vivace choir competed in the Waverley Eisteddfod where they received second placing for their fine singing. Not only was this a great opportunity to perform and learn on a very big stage, but the smiles, laughs, sense of achievement, and liveliness were obvious.

Robinson River
Our eight Robinson River friends and two staff arrived on Wednesday night, and were greeted excitedly by Mrs de Paiva and her big bus. They have an action-packed itinerary that has been thoughtfully planned with the help of Mrs Ferraro that includes time playing and working with students at Donvale and Kew, excursions to the zoo, the MCG and the Eureka Towers, to name a few. Our children gain so much from this experience, especially seeing Indigenous people in a positive way instead of the negative stereotypes that we are all so often presented with. Our students also thrive on welcoming visitors and showing them their school, of which they are so proud.

Walk-a-thon – supporting Juvenile Diabetes Research
The excitement is building about the prospect of walking around the Carey Kew campus, and navigating different apparatus and play equipment with House buddies. Children have been busy collecting sponsors for the Walk-a-thon on Friday 9 September in an effort to raise awareness and money for a cause close to our hearts: Juvenile Diabetes Research. The children will be walking in their House groups, wearing their House sports uniform. For more information, please click here.

No hat, no play
Spring is in the air, and so we must protect those beautiful faces by wearing hats during outside learning and play. We care very much about the health of the children, and that’s why we have a ‘no hat, no play’ policy.

Fathers Day
I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Carey homes early on Sunday morning when the dads are unwrapping gifts that were especially chosen from the Fathers Day Stall this week, and even more so when they read the beautiful words and illustrations in the school-made cards. I wish all the dads a very happy Fathers Day.  

Colleen Jarrett-Burke
Acting Deputy Head of Junior School