JSPA when it sizzles

One of the highlights to mark the end of each term is the JSPA Sausage Sizzle. Children love seeing their parents either at the barbecue cooking the sausages or handing them out with a lolly snake and a drink. From Prep to Year 6, the children excitedly come down in groups and line up patiently to receive their order!

Last week, when the envelope orders were being collected, a child asked a volunteer what the JSPA does with all the money. This is a great question, so we thought we would share with you here. After we have paid for the Sausage Sizzle ingredients, the remaining money is used to buy things for the students. In recent years, the JSPA has purchased table tennis tables, outdoor clocks and drink taps in the Hickman Building. These items are often suggested by the students from the SRC.

The JSPA would like to thank all our Sausage Sizzle volunteers and all parents who kindly donate in our envelopes each term.